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Security vulnerabilities refer to access by illegal users, service disturbances, disclosure of sensitive data, etc. dangers. These dangers are caused by PC configurations or operating system code security holes. mySSE for Web is a vulnerability scanner that automatically scans for these security vulnerabilities.
Worms, viruses, hacking attacks use known security vulnerabilities to attack the user’s PC. mySSE for Web automatically scans and remedies the vulnerabilities found on the user’s PC thus preventing attacks ahead of time.
All web users connected to the Internet should use mySSE for Web to scan for security vulnerabilities. If the user in interested in stable system operations and internet security, mySSE for Web must be used.
All users that are connected to the Internet on Windows operating systems can use mySSE for Web and the following operating systems are scanned.

- Windows NT 4.0
- Windows 2000
- Windows XP
- Windows 2003
If a virus scanner helps with curing an already infected PC, mySSE for Web is a scanning tool used to find and remove vulnerabilities that could allow a virus to attack the PC. Therefore, by using mySSE for Web, virus attacks can be prevented at the source.
Yes. It is possible.
For more information, please contact NileSOFT.
Currently, your PC can be scanned by connecting to the service page at NileSOFT’s homepage. This can be changed at anytime with accordance to NileSOFT’s policy.
mySSE for Web was developed using ActiveX technology. When the user accesses the service page, mySSE for Web is automatically updated to the latest version.

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