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Secuguard NSE automatically detects the system's IP address and operating system to automatically generate a security scan policy for the system. The automatically generated scan policy provides a more automated and intelligent scan procedure. Additionally, multiple hosts can be scanned simultaneously to drastically shorten the time needed for the scan.
 NSE Characteristics
Ease of Use and Installation
- Windows Explorer style user interface
- Detailed online help for installation and usage
- Real-time scan logs and progress report
- Easy installation using Shell Script (UNIX) and InstallShield (Windows)
Powerful Vulnerability Scanning Capability
- One agent can scan vulnerabilities on multiple servers
- Various scan policies such as individual, group, operation system, etc. scan policies
- Shows the risk level, description, impact, remedy, references, etc. for the found vulnerabilities
- Vulnerability scans for network devices such as routers。
Ease of Vulnerability Management
- Simultaneous scans for multiple servers on one console
- Shorten scan time due to simultaneous scans
- Supports multiple consoles
- Different privileges according to server administrator rights
Encryption of Communication and Result Data
- Encryption of communication messages between the console and server
- Encrypts and saves scan results in MDB format
- Only valid consoles and users can access scan results。
Automatic Detection of Scan Targets and Corresponding Operating System
- Detect IP addresses
- Automatically detects and recognizes operating systems
Online Update
- Updates scan modules via the update server
- Automatic scan module updates on scheduled time
- Provides offline update option for users without internet access
- Supports installation of online update servers for closed networks援。
Various Result Reports
- More than 14 vulnerability reports sorted by group, risk level, etc.
- Various graphs and tables generated by Crystal Reports 9
- Export reports to HTML, Word, Excel, PDF, RTF, Text, etc. formats