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Secuguard SSE uses an internal agent installed on the scan target to scan the system for known vulnerabilities and provides the user with remedies and additional information.
It allows the system to maintain a high level of security integrity.
 SSE Characteristics
Ease of Use and Installation
- Windows Explorer style user interface
- Detailed online help for installation and usage
- Real-time scan logs and progress report
- Easy installation using Shell Script (UNIX) and InstallShield (Windows)
Powerful Vulnerability Scanning Capability
- Reduces scan time by sharing information between modules using the Knowledge Base
- Powerful password cracking functions
- Various scan policies such as individual, group, operation system, etc. scan policies
- Checks vulnerabilities as well as user mistakes
- Integrity checks to find out access and modifications for major files
- Shows the risk level, description, impact, remedy, references, etc. for the found vulnerabilities
Ease of Vulnerability Management
- Simultaneous scans for multiple servers on one console
- Shorten scan time due to simultaneous scans
- Supports multiple consoles
- Different privileges according to server administrator rights
Encryption of Communication and Result Data
- Encryption of communication messages between the console and server
- Encrypts and saves scan results in MDB format
- Only valid consoles and users can access scan results 。
Supports Most Operation Systems
- Most UNIX operating systems. Ex) Unixware, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Tru64, Linux, etc.
- Supports Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Various Additional Features
- Scheduled scans allows automated scans
- Automatically sends email to each server administrator
- Exports scan reports to popular formats
- Insert custom logos in scan reports
Detailed Vulnerability Information
- Various vulnerability information provided by a vulnerability assessment tool experts
- Vulnerability information sorted by vulnerability group, operating system, risk level, etc.
Online Update
- Updates scan modules via the update server
- Automatic scan module updates on scheduled time
- Provides offline update option for users without internet access
- Supports installation of online update servers for closed networks 支援。
Various Result Reports
- More than 14 vulnerability reports sorted by group, risk level, etc.
- Various graphs and tables generated by Crystal Reports 9
- Export reports to HTML, Word, Excel, PDF, RTF, Text, etc. formats