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Secuguard NSE automatically detects the system's IP address and operating system to automatically generate a security scan policy for the system. The automatically generated scan policy provides a more automated and intelligent scan procedure. Additionally, multiple hosts can be scanned simultaneously to drastically shorten the time needed for the scan.
 Major Feature
Major Feature Description
Architecture - Stand-alone, Console/Agent architecture
Ease of Use - Windows Explorer style user interface
- Easy installation using Shell Script (UNIX) and InstallShield (Windows)
- Comprehensive online help and manual
Vulnerability Scan - Remote agent scans via network
- Scans multiple agents simultaneously
- Scans servers according to operating system
Data Encryption - Encryption of key for communications between the agent and console
- Encryption of the database file that stores the scan results
- Provides the description, impact, remedy, and references for the found vulnerabilities.
- Risk level is categorized into 5 levels (Very High, High, Normal, Low, Very Low)
- Provides reports that summarize the scan results
Update - Connects to the update server to update the scan modules
- Updates the scan modules on the scheduled time