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Integrated Security Vulnerability Management System
Secuguard UVM shares vulnerability assessment result to vulnerabilities assessment tools(Host scanner, Network scanner, Web scanner, PC Scanner, Etc) and builds an organized vulnerability assessment management system.
 Secuguard UVM Feature Chart
Main Features Description
- Operating with System Security Explorer(SSE), Network Security Explorer(NSE), and Web Security Explorer(WSE) / PC Assessment tool(mySSE). Also operation can be ran with other vendor’s vulnerability assessment tools
- Various information search available: Assessment equipment, Assessment history, Priority by vulnerability, Agent IP, Operation System, Assessment administrator, Total assessment item number, Priority, Latest assessment date, Vulnerability list, Vulnerability description
- Whole system, group based, operation system based, equipment based assessment statistics and analysis (Vulnerability item number changes, priority changes, item number by priority changes, target equipment state, vulnerability state, vulnerability by priority state and number of assessment
Remedy - Life cycle manage: Target system for vulnerability analysis, vulnerability assessment, remedy and result check
- Whole system, group based, equipment based, and time period based confrontational remedy check
- Assessment summary, Priority report, Vulnerability list by equipment, Vulnerability list by equipment level, Vulnerability list by check item. Remedy list by check list, Periodic statistic report, Vulnerability distribution statistics report, Itemized vulnerability report by equipment, Vulnerability description by priority, Detailed report by prioritized vulnerability, Detailed report by itemized vulnerability, Etc
Information Center
- Security bulletins, Security notification, Remedy questionnaires, FAQ, Update, Technology documentation shares, Message board, Vulnerability workflow, Vulnerability information
Configuration - User management, group management, equipment management, console management, user information update, password reset, SMTP configuration, Report logo, Vulnerability DB update
Assessment Console
- Remote run for SSE, NSE, WSE
- Integration with other vendor’s vulnerability assessment tools
Email, Update
and Online Help

- Email assessment result to corresponding managers
- Product update, Vulnerability DB update
- Detailed online help for the all features

Exceptional Vulnerability
- Remedy management, Assessment statistics and Report