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Integrated Security Vulnerability Management System
Secuguard UVM shares vulnerability assessment result to vulnerabilities assessment tools(Host scanner, Network scanner, Web scanner, PC Scanner, Etc) and builds an organized vulnerability assessment management system.
 Secuguard UVM Feature Chart
■ User-friendly User Interface
- Intuitive and localized Window Explorer-like User Interface

■ Efficient and convenient User Management

- Single Group(single group member) and Virtual Group(multiple group member) provided
■ Workflow for security vulnerability management
- Exam requests, Result view, Remedy run, Vulnerability questions/answers
■ Centralizing Security Vulnerability Management
- Centralized security vulnerability’s exam, remedy, result management
■ Secure User Management
- Various user privilege management(Super Admin, Group Admin, Machine Admin, User)
■ Intuitive and Various Report
- Detailed reports by remedy, Exam statistics and Exam History
■ Various management resources(statistical information) generation
- Various conditioned statistical information can be searchable. IE: Most-Top 10 Vulnerability topic by period. Most vulnerability equipment
■ Vulnerability related Knowledge Base/Center
- Providing Technical Support, Security Alert, Update Information, Technical Document, Vulnerability treatment procedure, Vulnerability information, etc
■ Operation with Vulnerability Assessment Tool
- Operating with SSE, NSE, and WSE or PC Assessment tool(mySSE) Also operation can be ran with other vendor’s vulnerability assessment tools.
■ Run Remote Vulnerability Assessment Tool Console
- Run predefined vulnerability assessment tool on the remote console’s Web GUI. remote console
■ PC’s vulnerability assessment with mySSE (Optional)
- Testing Induvidual PC’s vulnerability over UVM, review the result and remedy for the result.