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Assessment Scanner For Web Services, Web Application’s Vulnerability Assessment Tool
Secuguard WSE is a security software solution that examines various web applications on all web systems and prescribes all vulnerability’s solutions.
ㆍKorea National Security Service CC(Common Criteria) certified
ㆍGS(Good Software) marked product
 WSE Introduction
As the Internet users are increased and network grows rapidly, hacking/security incidents are rapidly increasing every day. To protect the system from these various external environments, administrators need to run periodic vulnerability assessment scans and update system continuously. However this job requires special knowledge domain and dedicated work hours for administrators to invest newly coming hacking methods and technologies.

Secuguard WSE(Web Application Security Explorer) scans various web environment’s various Worm, DOS, Hacking trial and Configuration errors on the network. Secuguard WSE is a security solution that provides the methods for founded vulnerabilities from its exams for preventing hacking and various IT crimes.

 Benefit of Secuguard WSE
Preventing Security Incidents Periodic vulnerability assessment for running system can prevent unexpected security incidents.
Vulnerability Assessment Analyzing current system’s security state. Promoting secure system operation based on analyzed security state.
Security improvement Deep understanding of system with provided various security vulnerability assessment. This can be adapted by Operation policy. It can be used and help increasing higher security system.
Disaster Recovery Plan Periodic, daily security vulnerary assessment and action can minimize the damages from system’s unexpected disorder and obstacles.