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Assessment Scanner For Web Services, Web Application’s Vulnerability Assessment Tool
Secuguard WSE is a security software solution that examines various web applications on all web systems and prescribes all vulnerability’s solutions.
 Secuguard WSE Details Features
■ User Friendly Windows Explorer-like GUI and Install Shield based easy install provided.
■ Hacking simulation with various attacking simulation like XSS, SQL Injection
■ Exclusive web browser for vulnerability assessment result and analysis provided
■ Trial tool provided for various web test(hacking simulation) and result view<
■ Filtering personal information such as personal identification number or marching certain key world search provided
■ Multithread based strong and Parallel processed vulnerability assessment
■ Korea National Security TOP 8, OWASP TOP 10, SANS TOP 20, WASC TOP 24 vulnerability assessment provided
■ CVE(Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) based examination module and vulnerability information
■ Console/Agent communication and result data are encrypted
■ Auto discovery feature for web server IP, host name, server application information.
■ Memory queue and table based Powerful Web URL crawler
■ Web page structure analyzer based on powerful URL crawler
■ User based vulnerability assessment policy with various search feature available
■ Convenient scheduling feature including automatic emailing assessment result
■ Fast and convenient auto online update based on NVIS
■ Various reports such as vulnerability assessment report, assessment report with vulnerability level
■ Various reports format conversion provided (DOC, RTF, PDF, XLS, XML)
■ Integrated operation with Unified Vulnerability Management System(UVM)