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 LogCops Characteristics
● Real Time processing of all VIEW, SEARCH, ANALYSIS and REPORT
● Various log collecting methods including AGENT, SYSLOG and SNMP type
● High Performance of log collection : 2,000 / 4,000 / 10,000 / 20,000 messages per second
● High Performance of log search : response instantly or within minutes from multi tera bytes
● Various filtering with Regular Expression for Log Fields
● Search within the search result infinitely
● Extended selection of Unique Fields (Group By) for Log Fields
● Combined selection and filtering of same or different log
● Co-relation search of the other logs by specific Log Fields (DateTime, IP, Port, URL and etc.) of one log
● High Performance of log analysis and report : response instantly or within minutes from multi tera bytes
● 3-stage user definition for ANALYSIS and REPORT
● Various Reports based on approximately Fifty Charts per Log/Sub Class (Chart = Graph + Table)
● User based Filter setting for VIEW, SEARCH, ALAYSIS and REPORT
● Export data analyzed or reported to HTML, MS Word / Excel or PDF file
● Various combined selection of summing or individual processing from same, different, single or multi log
● Systemized log archiving system for Cooked Logs and Raw Logs
● Compressed archive of Raw Logs by ratio 12:1
● Centralized log management
● Intuitive Web Service GUI
● User based strict authentication and authorization
● Various Dash Board Fuctions